My name is Brian Jerome. This is my first blog posting as CEO and producer at Visual Learning Systems, an educational publishing company located in Brandon, Vermont. In my blog postings I will share my experiences as an educator, producer of curricular science materials, and CEO of a growing educational publishing business. Please feel free to comment on my blog, ask questions, and share your thoughts on the subjects shared in my writings.

If you are not familiar with Visual Learning Systems, please let me tell you who we are. Visual Learning Systems, founded in 1999, is a company dedicated to the creation of science teaching materials for students in grades K-12. Our slogan is: “Helping teachers teach, and students learn visually.” The core products we produce are educational videos with accompanying student activities and teacher content. Together, these products make up a unit of study. Our goal has always been to create high-quality, visual materials that help teachers engage and excite students about the curriculum they need to master.  To date we have produced over 270 units of study that completely cover the science curriculum in primary, elementary, and middle school.

As a science teacher, administrator, business owner, and producer over the past twenty-five years, I have learned a lot about education, curriculum development, our schools, children, and the incredibly dedicated educators who carry out miracles everyday in the classroom. And, I am still learning! In future posts I look forward to sharing with you my thoughts and experiences.

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