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“Helping Teachers Teach and Students Learn, Visually”

Visual Learning Systems produces K-12 units of study for the science classroom in Spanish and English. Its mission is to reignite a passion for teaching and learning science. VLS’ animators, designers, videographers, and producers led by Brian A. Jerome, Ph.D, masterfully use their experience to create powerful learning tools. Products include: eTextbooks, DVDs, Spanish, Digital Rights, and Digital Science Online annual subscription. Video programs feature original live-action footage and animations, closed-captioning, frequent on-screen questions, repetition of vocabulary, clear visual cues for understanding, and video assessments to support the K-12 science curriculum. Teacher’s guides include preliminary and post-tests, laboratory investigations, vocabulary exercises, and hands-on activities. Visual Learning Systems’ science videos are used by educational organizations throughout the United States and internationally, including K-12 Schools, Community Colleges, Dual Language Programs, Special Educators, Schools for the Deaf, District Media Centers, State Departments of Education, and Instructional Television Stations. Visual Learning Systems’ products are adaptable to all learning styles and abilities.

All programs on this website are solely copyrighted, supplied and owned by Visual Learning Systems and are produced by Brian A. Jerome, Ph.D. and Stephanie Zak Jerome.

Stephanie Zak Jerome is the president of Visual Learning Systems, responsible for sales and business operations. Stephanie earned her BA at the University of Vermont in 1984; Masters in Public Policy at University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1989; and was awarded a Presidential Management Internship. Prior to Visual Learning Systems, she served as a policy analyst at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC, for seven years in the Office of Space Science working on external relations, legislation, education, and issues related to space science missions.

Brian A. Jerome Ph.D. is the director of production and CEO for Visual Learning. He earned his BS in education from the University of Vermont in 1984, and Masters Degree and Ph.D. in education from Syracuse University in 1990. His doctoral dissertation research focused on the educational initiatives of a large environmental organization based in Mexico. Brian has experience as a classroom science teacher in elementary, middle and high schools. For seven years, he worked teaching professional development and curriculum writing for the JASON Project at the National Geographic Society.

Staff  Contacts
President: Stephanie Zak Jerome
CEO and Producer: Brian A. Jerome, Ph.D.
Sales: Stephanie Jerome, Nancy Cannata, and Mike Chadwick
Order Fulfillment: Josh Hummel
Office Manager: Louise Marrier
Sales and Marketing Assistant: Emily Lyons
Production Specialist: Josh Hummel
Video Narrator: Nina Keck (Vermont and National Public Radio Award Winner)
Music Composer: Nathan Childers

Woman-Owned Small Business
Visual Learning Systems is a certified woman-owned small business.

We welcome your feedback and comments! – email info@visuallearningsys.com or use our Contact Us form.

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